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About us

We are on a Mission at Ramy’s Nursery

Ramy's Nursery is a family-owned and operated nursery, that serves landscape professionals, developers, local nurseries, and garden centers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. With over 25 years in the industry, our commitment to excellence has solidified our standing as a trusted partner, dedicated to delivering quality plants at affordable prices.

Our knowledgeable team is here to provide personalized service tailored to meet your unique needs from estimation and design, through delivery and fulfillment. With a focus on growing over 90% of our plant material on-site, we take great pride in offering a diverse selection of plants that thrive in California's sunny climates.

We have a huge selection at our 4-acre nursery of unique and interesting plants, available in sizes ranging from 1, 5, 15, to 24 gallons. We welcome your visit to our nursery anytime, even if it's just to have a look around. Thank you from your friends at Ramy’s Nursery, “Where A Beautiful Garden Begins“

Our History

A Legacy of Excellence Since 1999

Every business springs from the seed of an idea and the spark of ambition. Ramy's love for plants started from a young age. His first nursery took shape in his parent's backyard, and from those humble beginnings, he turned his passion into a thriving enterprise that now stretches across four lush acres in the beautiful San Fernando Valley – a living testament to the American dream.

His venture into an industry that deeply intrigued his green thumb has been a defining aspect of his life. As his children, we have cherished memories of accompanying our father on family trips, where his enthusiasm for exploring different plant varieties was always evident. Our summers were spent immersed in the nursery, diligently potting and caring for plants under the warm sun.

Ramy's commitment and expertise have led to the art of growing exceptional plants that flourish in the California climate, contributing to the creation of beautiful and unique landscapes. 

The range is huge, and you will find many plants here that you will only see in specialist stores, but at a much lower cost. The plants are also grown on-site, so they are adapted to the climate in the valley, unlike the ones from other places that are brought in and can potentially wither in our heat.
Brian M.